1 Year Development – ​​Self Care Skills

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1 Year Development – ​​Self Care Skills

Self-Care skills are daily tasks done in order to be ready to perform the actions that will be needed in life (daily dressing, eating, cleaning teeth and other actions). Often these are referred to as activities of daily living. While these actions are mostly supported by their parents in young children, their children are expected to become independent in this regard as they get older.

Organization is about the ability to determine what actions you should take, when and how. Part of organization is understanding the necessities of action. Organization is an important skill required to perform daily routines, complete self-care acts and academic tasks.

Developmental Stage 

  • Follows objects with eyes.
  • He controls the stages of sucking, swallowing, breathing (it sticks out its tongue, uses it rhythmically forward with the jaw, and performs a coordinated upward and downward sucking motion).
  • He sleeps at intervals of 4 to 10 hours.
  • Crying reflects feelings of hunger, fear, and discomfort.
  • Plays 2-3 minutes with a single toy Tries to reach nearby objects.
  • Follows objects with eyes.
  • Sleeps 10-12 hours, waking up only once.
  • Consumes foods with different contents.
  • He drinks liquid from the glass.
  • Holds the bottle or glass by itself.
  • He plays his tongue in his mouth.
  • He feeds itself with small crackers or food.

Possible Situations Encountered When It Doesn’t Progress

  • May have difficulty in sucking from the breast.
  • May have difficulty falling asleep.
  • May cry often.
  • May have difficulty relaxing and may wake up frequently during the night.
  • May have difficulty socializing and joint attention with parents.
  • Due to lack of understanding and attention, he may try to learn by imitating others.
  • He may have difficulty feeding himself.
  • May have difficulty holding a bottle or glass and drinking from them.
  • He may have trouble consuming foods with different ingredients.

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