When Do Babies Start to See?

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When Do Babies Start to See?

When Do Babies See?

The question of when babies see or when babies start seeing is very curious by all families. As soon as they are born, they do not open their eyes immediately because they come to a very bright, very light place. Few can open their eyes immediately after birth. Other reasons why their eyes don’t open right away include too much edema and the vernix fluid sticking their eyelids together. For this reason, you should not rush to see your baby’s eyes. In the room with a lot of light and a lot of stimuli, your baby will slowly start to open his eyes briefly and within hours he will open his eyes more easily and show himself to you. If you have the opportunity to provide a slightly dim environment at the time of birth or later, your baby will be able to open their eyes earlier.

When Is Baby’s Eye Color Determined?
One of the most curious subjects when starting a life with a baby is what eye color is. Sometimes, sweet little gifts about eye color take place by asking each other this question by all family members. So, does eye color become obvious as soon as it is born? No, unfortunately not. The eye color of all newborns is perceived as blue and its shades by the reflection of light. But it is not immediately clear what eye color a newborn has. This is because the melanin pigment that gives the eye its color has not yet begun to be produced. The real color of the eye is formed between 6-12 months.

Do Newborn Babies See Clearly Immediately at Birth?
No, they cannot see clearly. Babies cannot fully clarify the difference between dark and light environments in their brains for approximately the first month. For this reason, they cannot distinguish between day and night. They can get up at night and stay awake with their eyes wide open, and they can stay closed all the time during the day when it’s very bright. After the 1st month, your baby will get used to the ambient light more and will begin to distinguish between day and night as the transmission system in the brain will develop. For this reason, you should accustom him to sleep in the light during the day and in the dark at night.

When Do Babies’ Vision Start?
The answer to the question of when do babies see is that they gain visual skills that develop in different periods;

0-2 months: From a distance of 25-50 cm, sees light, vivid and black-white color, bright and large objects, looks at the light. He notices his mother. He sees the surrounding objects better than the ones in the centre. Vision is about 5 percent. It looks pretty blurry.

2-3 months: He or she can make eye contact with someone who looks closely at him. Begins to follow light and vivid colored, bright, large objects moving on the horizontal axis. After a while, he starts to watch light and vivid colored, bright, large objects moving on the vertical axis. Watching circularly rotating objects develops last.

3-6 months: Detects the location of bright, bright, large objects and tries to keep them. As babies see colors better, their contact and attention to the environment increases. It may be difficult to focus attention on the mother and breast in the baby who is more attentive to the environment. For this reason, breast rejection usually occurs more during this period.

6-10 months: Can see and hold smaller objects from a greater distance (1-3 m). If he sees half of an object he has known before, he can guess and recognize all of it. Vision is about ten percent.

10-18 months: Can see objects at greater distances (3-6m) and recognize people.

18 months: Can clearly see and recognize the details of toys and pictures in picture books.

24 months: Can see the smallest details of objects, distinguish similarities and differences.

3 years: His vision has reached about 80 percent of his adult vision.

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