Toy Suggestions for Your 1 Year Old Baby

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Toy Suggestions for Your 1 Year Old Baby

When babies reach the age of one, they begin to grasp many things mentally and have the ability to focus. For this reason, it is necessary to buy suitable supportive toys for the mental development of babies in this period. These toys should not only have fun while playing, but also develop the ability to perceive and learn. Here are the toy recommendations for the 1st Age;

  • Connecting blocks and simple puzzle toys
  • animal figures
  • collects colors
  • toys that teach to speak

Blocks and Simple Puzzle

Toys These types of toys are toys that can develop babies’ creativity. With various combining blocks, children can create different objects using their imaginations. It can be combined into a tower. Blocks are known as intelligence-enhancing toys for 1st-year-old babies. Simple puzzles are played by placing certain shaped toys in the box and then repeating it. These simple puzzles will help babies understand their perception abilities and compatibility rules.

Animal Figures

Animal figures are great toys if you pay attention to their size. Babies have the opportunity to examine animals with these toys. When they play with their parents, they can learn to imitate their voices. The world of animals is quite fun for babies. For this reason, animal figures will be suitable for 1-2 year old toy selection.

Collects Colors

In general, children love to play with balls. Colorful balls can be very enjoyable when played with parents and other children. Improves hand and foot coordination. Parents can teach children colors using colored balls. Skills such as catching and throwing the ball allow babies to spend more active time.

Toys that Teach Talking

In this period when speaking ability develops the fastest, babies can learn more easily with these types of toys. Some toys for babies sound simple words. Children who use these toys can accelerate the learning process of words. This type of toys can be given as a toy recommendation for 1 year old.

1 Year Old Educational Toy Recommendation

Rattle toys can be used to train our babies to perceive sounds. These toys are known as educational toys suitable for the 1st age because they develop the sound perception of babies. Shaking a rattle can also create positive effects on children’s mental development and perception ability by changing different sounds.

One of the toys that babies play very often is professional toys. Generally, babies recognize toys and objects such as doctor toys, cook toys, construction toys after they turn one year old. Thus, they learn different hand and arm movements. They can improve their skills and creativity.

Dolls and figures are also among the first-year educational toys. Of course, plush toys should be preferred so that the toys do not harm the babies. With dolls, babies recognize organs. Moreover, they develop their imagination while playing with them. Moreover, plush toys are toys that babies enjoy hugging when they want to sleep.

Dividable toys are great toys for babies. These toys, which are played by combining different parts, are used for babies to combine them correctly. Thus, when children make mistakes, they try to put the toy in the right shape. This improves their problem-solving abilities.

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