1 Year Old Baby Activities

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1 Year Old Baby Activities

1 year old baby activities consist of practices that will support the physical and mental development of babies, especially in the first year of their life. In the first year, which is the period in which the development process progresses the fastest and the baby starts to gain awareness and various social skills; It is important to spend time with him and support him in making sense of his environment.

Families generally search for various activities in order to contribute to the development of 1-year-old babies and to spend a quality time. It is a known fact that babies in this age range are too young to play. For this reason, although the activities that can be done are limited, there are actually many small games that support development.

Home Activity for 1 Year Old Babies

Activity contents at home for 1 year old babies; During this process, it is very important for your baby’s development process, which shows many developments together. For example, until the first year of age, many features such as babies start to establish a cause-effect relationship, start to take steps, and their senses of touch and hearing become more active.

In this process, babies will begin to imitate movements and sounds and will actively use their fingers and hands. It is never too early to start the right communication with the baby who is starting to understand various commands and what is being said.

It should be considered that the child’s sense of curiosity is at the highest level in this period, within the scope of activities that can be done with the baby at the age of 1, especially while spending time at home. With various games, it is possible to both contribute to the natural development of the child and have fun and help him discover something new constantly. Some intelligence-enhancing games for 1 year old babies can be exemplified as follows:

  • Learning by imitating animals: Many types of imitation, especially animal imitation, is a very important practice for the development of children. While my child is trying to understand the world in his natural process, it is important in terms of imitating those around him and it becomes a game that he will love very much. It can be stated that this process is a stage in which babies’ imitative sides are predominant. You can imitate the sound by showing an animal figure from any magazine or similar content in the game and encourage your baby to make the same sound. Repetition of the name of the animal while imitating the sound and showing the picture will also help your baby develop their memory in this direction. Thanks to this activity, which activates both speaking and hearing skills, your baby will learn new words as well as the ability to imitate the whole body language. Of course, it can also be expressed as a game that develops speaking ability.
  • Fishing game: One of the most popular and fun activities among 1 year old baby games is this type of game. Especially 1 year old babies and small children love to play with water. Since they like the feel and sound of water, games in this direction will be very entertaining for them. You can create an ideal material for the game by filling a wide basket with water into a comma-width or bucket-like material. After the water is filled at a level that your baby can easily reach from the place where he sits, you can leave various objects or light toy balls that will not sink into it and give your baby a shovel or container. In this way, you can help him try to collect the materials that play in the water and put them in an empty basket. It is a very entertaining game that both increases attention and grasping skills and contributes to various complicated motor skills such as hand-arm and hand-eye coordination.

  • Toy finder game: One of the favorite games of babies within the scope of 12-year-old activities is to try to find the hidden object. You can show a toy to him and at the same time say its name, hide it in a place in your close environment and ask him where the toy is. You can encourage them to find it and bring it to you. Although this game seems to be quite simple, it is very useful for your 1 year old child to establish a cause-effect relationship and is one of the activities recommended to be done from time to time. Every different activity you will do with your baby will contribute to the development and progress of a different development process.

  • Color Table game: When you look at the 1 year old activity book examples, it will be understood how curious the babies are about colors. In fact, babies only distinguish black and white until a certain period of time. However, as time progresses and they reach a certain age, they can perceive many different colors and pay attention. In the color painting game, first of all, paints of different colors such as acrylic or gouache, stretch film and a large painting paper are needed. First of all, you can take the picture paper and spray different colors on different parts of it. You can teach it slowly with cling film, being careful not to scatter the dyes on the paper. You can fix it by wrapping it as tightly as possible in the stretch film so that the paint does not come out from any side. By placing the prepared paper in front of your baby, you can slowly distribute the paints with our fingers and help him/her play in this way. With this activity, your baby will develop especially hand muscles and a sense of achievement will occur. Of course, for protection purposes, you should not leave your baby’s side during this game and, if possible, wear a protective suit.

  • The game of nested containers: One of the games that can be applied in terms of learning concepts such as wide, narrow and large small is the drink pills game. There is no need for a special material to carry out the activity that can be done frequently within the scope of 12-year-old activities. You can start by choosing plates of different sizes and harmless that can be intertwined in the kitchen. It is important that these plates are as much as possible for your baby to lift. If you do not have suitable plates, you can do the same with various interlocking plastic toys. You can start by placing the plates in front of your baby and showing them how to pour a drink. By seeing from you, he will discover which plate should be put in which.

  • Cushion and pillow games: The most suitable toys for 1 year old baby games are, of course, materials suitable for developing soft and creative games such as cushion pillows. For example, you can create an area where your child can play by easily setting up a tent in the area where we sit and providing it with soft materials such as cushions. If you try to hide or sit there with your baby by walking through the tent, it will attract attention more quickly and you can get your baby involved in the game.

The contents of activities at home for 1-year-old babies can be developed in many different ways, especially the game types above. In order to correctly evaluate this period, where all the developmental processes, especially the physical and mental development of your baby, which is in the first summer of life, are processed in the fastest way, it is useful to follow the content that will both have fun and attract his attention and support his development.

Of course, what babies need first and foremost is attention and love. Every play you do by spending time with him actually contributes to the development of your baby. Of course, while doing this, it will be supportive to turn to more educational and instructive games.

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