Discipline in Babies

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Discipline in Babies

Discipline; It is a method of directing the child’s behavior with certain rules, reinforcing the right behaviors, and eliminating the unacceptable behaviors.

Discipline in babies

Discipline; It is a method of directing the child’s behavior with certain rules, reinforcing the right behaviors, and eliminating the unacceptable behaviors. Although discipline is perceived as a method that requires being strict and harsh, contrary to what is thought, it is the second important resource that parents will provide to their children, besides love, and it certainly does not mean punishment. Discipline and setting boundaries are necessary for the child to prepare for life, to explore the world safely, to develop self-confidence, to be stable, and to learn to respect others.

The main purpose of the discipline is; While reinforcing the right behaviors and eliminating the wrong behaviors, it is to teach the child self-discipline (internal discipline) over time. The child is not born knowing the limits, he learns by experiencing the right and wrong behaviors, and tries what he is not allowed to do in this process, and continues to try until his parents direct him.

In the fourth and fifth months, the baby biting the breast while sucking and the mother’s not allowing this behavior is an example of trying to discover its limits.

The baby, who gains mobility as he starts to crawl, has many things to discover around him. While exploring his surroundings, the baby will do the things he shouldn’t do and touch the things that shouldn’t be touched. He will repeat the same behaviors until he learns the boundaries drawn by his parents by blocking him.

The baby constantly tries his limits and expects guidance from the parents. Baby learns rules and boundaries in three steps; In the first step, he discovers the limits by trying, in the second step he learns what he can and cannot do by testing the people around him, and in the third and last step, he internalizes the newly learned rules and boundaries after many trials.

The baby, who is not disciplined and without boundaries, is lost, cannot predict right and wrong behavior, does not know why to protect himself and what to experience safely. Discipline is the space that parents create so that the child can safely experience and learn about the world and relationships. Discipline and setting boundaries are beneficial to the child to the extent that it starts early.

The most important rule of discipline; is to be determined. If there is no determination, the child understands the indecision of the parents and constantly tests them. If a rule applied one day is broken the next day, or if the parents apply different rules, or if one does not follow the rule applied by the other, the child becomes confused and cannot internalize the rule correctly. The message the child received from this indecision; that the rules can be changed according to the situation, and that he does not have to follow the rule. Of course, the child will not understand the rules and boundaries at the first warning, which is why it is important to be determined. The child who gets the same reaction every time will eventually learn what not to do.

Setting a few, logical, enforceable, maintainable, and obeyed rules by everyone in the household is essential to effective discipline. Interfering with everything the child does and setting too many rules negatively affects even the most adaptable child. That’s why it’s important to set rules and give the right instructions at the right time only on matters that are considered important. While setting the rules, the child’s characteristics, development level, maturity level, need to explore, temperament, what he can and cannot achieve should be taken into consideration.

Parents who do not obey the rules and are not disciplined cannot expect their children to obey the rules and be disciplined. The child, who is not allowed to eat snacks before the meal time, will not want to follow this rule when he sees his father having a snack before the meal. Parents should set an example for the child in terms of obeying the rules and discipline, as in every other behavior.

Discipline is important in child education. In addition to the attention, love, compassion and trust that parents give to their children, the boundaries they set with their determined and consistent attitudes and the discipline they apply will make it easier for their children to be strong, safe, struggling, peaceful and happy individuals who are at peace with themselves and the outside world.

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