How to Create Prepared Environment

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One of the basic principles of the Montessori Method is the careful preparation of the child’s environment. The prepared environment means that the child must have access to the right tools at the right time. As Maria Montessori explains, The most characteristic feature of our education system is its emphasis on the environment. Of course, this can only be done by understanding the developmental needs of the child and knowing which materials or activities meet the development.

The environment prepared in the Montessori method has a certain order. This arrangement is tied to each other, as well as tidy items. Relevant items are found together in the prepared environment and placed according to the relevance of the place.

According to this understanding, the characteristics of the environment prepared in the home environment;

  • The mattress is one of the basic requirements of Montessori understanding. With this tool, the child can manage a significant part of his/her life such as sleep, he/she can get to his/her bed without his/her parents and get up from his/her bed.


  • The use of mirrors allows them to discover themselves for newborn babies. While lying facedown providing neck and back improvements, the mirror placed in front of them will attract their attention and provide continuity in this action. They also allow themselves to monitor and recognize.


  • On the shelves that the child can access, the work materials, ie the activity toys, are placed in a particular order. The sections of the Montessori doctrine can be divided into daily life, sensory, language development, mathematical development and cosmic education. In these sections, it is positioned from simple to difficult. In this way, the child acts in an order and takes responsibility for maintaining this order. In addition, children always want to find their belongings in the same place, this allows them to dominate and trust.


  • The table and chair in the appropriate size for the child form their own special environment where they can do their daily activities. He/She work with development material he/she chooses in this area.


Everything in the room is prepared in child-size, accessible to the child. The basic principle of this philosophy is simplicity. Everything is placed in a simple and interesting layout.



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