What You Need to Know About Your Baby’s Cognitive Intelligence

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What You Need to Know About Your Baby’s Cognitive Intelligence

Cognitive development starts from the moment babies are born. Every baby begins to perceive what is happening around him. The first thing babies discover is the feeling of hunger. After birth, the baby who drinks breast milk learns to taste. He continues to learn continuously. A newborn baby needs breast milk for brain development. Breast milk supports the development of the cognitive intelligence of the child with the minerals and vitamins it contains. For this reason, it is very important for babies to receive breast milk between the first 6 months and 2 years.

The cognitive intelligence of babies who begin to perceive what is around them develops as they learn. Babies who feel their hands, arms and organs begin to move their bodies after the first 6 months. Sleeping supports the intelligence development of babies. For this reason, babies should get enough sleep. It is recommended that babies sleep 12 hours a day for the development of intelligence. The indicators of the development of cognitive intelligence of babies are as follows;

  • Trying to make sounds and speak to be
  • moving sitting,
  • crawling and walking
  • Getting to know people and family
  • imitating movements

Intelligence Enhancing Activities for Babies

One of the fastest periods of intelligence development is infancy. Because babies tend to learn everything they do. For this reason, babies need new activities. The main method that develops the intelligence of babies is talking. Parents support their babies’ perception and intelligence development by talking, singing and making sounds.

Playing is the most well-known activity among the intelligence-enhancing activities in babies. Hand games and simple games can be preferred to attract their attention at the beginning of infancy. Then, it is recommended to use toys that can learn Legos, colors and shapes for the development of intelligence. However, these toys should not only be played by babies but also by parents. Emotional and social intelligence of babies who play games with their parents develop.

If you do not want to adversely affect the intelligence development of babies, it is recommended to keep them away from television and other screens. Because the television screen attracts attention because of its color. However, it prevents babies and children from gaining physical skills. Moreover, while focusing on different activities improves the intelligence of babies, watching television does not benefit the development of intelligence.

Clever Baby Behaviors

Today, parents witness that their babies behave smarter than normal during the development process. Intelligence can be a phenomenon that can develop later, as well as innate. Well, what are the ways to understand that your baby is smart, let’s examine how smart baby behaviors are understood…

From the moment they start learning, babies try to use their body. If your baby is moving their hands, arms and legs faster than normal, it is one of these symptoms. If your baby can make different sounds and perceive sounds more easily in months than a baby his age, this is also a symptom. If actions such as sitting, crawling and walking are done between 6 and 12 months, this can be counted among the smart baby behaviors. Finally, if your baby has started to say words earlier, this may indicate that your baby is smart.

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