2 Years Development – ​​Language Skills

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2 Years Development – ​​Language Skills

Language has two main points:

Receptive language (comprehension): Language being intelligible

Expressive language (using language): Using language, speech, sign, or alternative forms of communication to convey wants, needs, thoughts, and ideas


  • Reacts to familiar phrases and own name (e.g. come here)
  • Understands gestures (e.g. waving as “goodbye”)


  • He hums (like an-an-an-da-ba)
  • Makes sounds in response to those around
  • Recognizes the names of some objects

Sentence Information


Grammar Knowledge


Concept Knowledge



Can understand a word in a sentence (e.g. where is your nose?)

Possible Situations Encountered When It Doesn’t Progress

  • May have difficulty socializing and joint attention with parents
  • Due to lack of understanding and attention, he may try to learn by imitating others.

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