When Does the 2 Year Syndrome End?

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When Does the 2 Year Syndrome End?

The 2-year-old syndrome, known for the behavior of children as stubborn or moody, generally ends between the ages of 3 and 3.5. There are also children in whom this period is seen until the end of the age of 4. “Acknowledging that this period is a developmental stage in the child and that there is no problem is the first priority. Understanding this positively affects both the behavior of the child and the attitudes and behaviors of the parents.

During this period, the child enters a mental and emotional development process, gains the ability to become independent and become an individual. After achieving these gains, their aggressive attitude and constant “no” answer cease. You can spend this period in a healthy way and after you support your child to achieve these gains, you can start having more meaningful conversations with your child.

It may not be easy to get through this period with health, families may interpret the child’s behavior knowingly and out of spite, and may react negatively. First of all, it should try to understand them and it should be perceived as the first adolescence period when children act impulsively. Know that you are definitely not alone during this period, you can seek professional support when you have difficulties, and you can communicate with parents like you.

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