2 Years Development – ​​Fine Motor Skills

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2 Years Development – ​​Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are related to hand and finger skills such as writing, cutting, opening lunch boxes and tying shoelaces. The development of these skills is based on the development of physical skills (such as basic body control and shoulder strength) that make steady progress in which one can move, along with age-appropriate control of the hands and arms.

Developmental Stage

  • Builds three little Lego towers.
  • Attaches four loops to a stick.
  • He drives five nails into the pegboard.
  • Turns two or three pages of a book at the same time.
  • He scribbles. Flips the buttons.
  • He paints by moving his arm completely, changes his hand and makes moves.
  • Eats by himself with minimal assistance.
  • Can use signs to communicate.
  • He brings the spoon to his mouth.
  • He holds the glass by himself and drinks the drink.

Possible Situations Encountered When It Doesn’t Progress

  • Poor development of hand and finger strength.
  • Lag in indie game skills.
  • Delay in the development of self-care skills (such as eating).
  • Delay in manual skills.

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