Your Child’s Doctor Checks and Measurements

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Knowing the sizes of children in the first three years of life is important in terms of preparing the right environment for them (clothing, furniture, helps for psychomotor development).

Some different parts of the body grow at different rates. For example, the head doubles in size, the thorax increases three times, the arms increase four times, and the legs increase five times.

Look at the change in body proportions from child to adult, what awaits us:

Changes in the shape and size of different parts of the body occur at different stages of life.

From birth to one year: Growth of the upper body.

From one age to adolescence: The growth of the legs.

Puberty: Growth of the upper body.

How much will your baby grow in his first year?

The newborn has a length of 48 to 51 cm.
It grows 3 cm per month in the first two months.
In the third and fourth months, it grows by 2.5 cm per month.
In the 5th and 6th months, it grows 2 cm per month.
In the first six months, it grows a total of 14 cm.
It grows 7 cm between 6-12 months.
Between 7-9 months, it grows 1.5-2 cm per month.
It grows 1-2 cm per month in 10-12 months.

So how will it grow over the years?

0 years-46 cm.

2 years-72 cm.

6 years – 100 cm.

12 years-140 cm.

25 years-185 cm.

How much will your baby’s weight increase in the coming period?

Our approximate weight:

Newborn 2.5 -3.5 kg
The first trimester, take 30 g daily.
Second trimester, take 25 g daily.
Third trimester, take 20 g daily.
The fourth trimester takes 15 g daily.
She weighs 6.5-7 kg in the fifth month (double birth weight)
In the tenth month, it weighs three times its birth weight.
At two years old, it weighs four times its birth weight.
Between the ages of 10 and 10, he gains 1 kg per year.
Gains five kg per year at puberty
We hope that all of us can witness these beautiful developments of our babies day by day by growing up healthy.

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