Your Baby’s Reading Habit

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Do you read to your baby?

There is no age limit for reading to your baby. Even if he doesn’t give you your full attention at the moment, and he wants to put the book to his mouth, little readings will slowly gain his interest and it will become a routine.

Here are a few benefits of reading to your baby:

-Reading to your baby improves his listening skills. Listening skills begin to be acquired by babies, when parents talk and tell them something. The books read and the tales told will develop children in terms of attention and concentration. It will be important to focus on listening so that they do not have problems with focusing in the future. In particular, a child who does not have listening and focusing problems during the school starting period can be considered to have started his school life 1-0 ahead.
-Reading to your baby helps him learn the meaning of words. Babies can recognize spoken and repeated words. Between the ages of 0-2, which has a sensory (motor) period, babies try to make sounds and speak by imitating only. They question the meanings of the words they learned their sounds in the period they continue. They often start to keep them in their memory by making connections between the words they hear and the situations that occur. They often use words they know the meaning of.
-Reading to your baby improves focus and memory. In the first year, babies make sounds, mostly focus on listening, learn all the sounds necessary for their speech and place them in their memory. The richer and more understandable the words they hear in this process, the better they will speak in the future.
-Reading is a habit. If we make reading a part of their lives now, our children will continue to enjoy reading in the future. Books open the doors of new worlds to our children. It allows them to learn new information. It enriches their curiosity and imagination.

If you have not yet acquired this habit, which will be very enjoyable for both you and your baby, we hope you will start as soon as possible.

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