Why Montessori?

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Why Did We Choose The Montessori Education System?

The most important age of mental development is the first six years. These years, in which unconscious learning passes to the level of conscious learning, are an irreversible period. During these years, children have extraordinary sensitivity and mental strength to learn from their environment and absorb information. Montessori Education is a different system from the traditional education system.

Education is specially programmed and implemented for each child.
Every child is an individual, he/she gets education at his/her own pace.
Children can receive education according to their own development level with the mixed age application.
In Montessori Every Child Has Freedom of Choice

The child is not forced to finish the study. It has an uninterrupted working cycle. When it reaches saturation, it completes its own learning cycle.
The child, who chooses his own work, does it again on his own instinct to become perfect.
The mistakes made are not shown by the teachers, the materials are learned by the children as they contain error checking.

In Montessori, the Child Has Freedom of Movement

The planned environment provides self-discipline. The child who acts knowing what he wants acts disciplined.
Movement is the most important need for a child’s growth. In this way, the child’s mind and body control develops.
Montessori students are active, they act as they please.
What does Montessori Education bring to the child?

The child develops at his own pace in his own individual skills and interests.
He learns to concentrate.
It develops the desire and pleasure to work.
It becomes productive.
It becomes a social being.
He learns how to express his concerns in the most correct way.
It develops self-confidence and sense of responsibility.
Internalizes discipline.
Learns how to define a problem and work to solve it.
Respects himself and others.

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