Why Montessori Bed?

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Montessori education has recently been an education that has an important place in child development and is preferred by families. However, in order for Montessori education to work successfully, it is necessary to know how this education should be done. It will be possible to understand the benefits of this type of bed for children, especially by having detailed information about why the Montessori bed, which is an important part of this education, is preferred.

What is a Montessori Bed?
The Montessori bed is not basically a bed model, but refers to the types of beds arranged in accordance with Montessori. Although there is a Montessori bed model in the market, it is basically only about the way of use. As WellMatt, we offer models suitable for Montessori education in all children’s beds we offer. Because we know that sleep is very important from new birth to puberty, that is, until the age of 15. Since newborn babies are born before they have completed their development, they need a lot of sleep to complete their development. Thanks to sleep, they complete their physical and mental development, and thanks to sleep, they move on to become a healthy adult. Since their muscle and bone structures are not developed and their mental skills are not fully formed, their sleep should be healthy and uninterrupted during this period. Since the bed models we offer are the most suitable for baby and child health, they also allow them to sleep uninterruptedly and comfortably.

The arrangement of these beds in accordance with Montessori is about interior decoration. If you want to make a Montessori bed, you can place your bed close to the ground or in a position that your child can easily reach. The purpose of Montessori beds is for the child to get in and out of bed on their own without the need for others. Thanks to this method, which is extremely useful for acquiring the habit of sleeping on his own, you can enable your child to make decisions on his own in other areas.

What are the Benefits of a Montessori Bed?
Since Montessori education mainly aims the child to grow up as an individual on his/her own, the Montessori bed used in this field also has significant benefits in terms of the child’s development. With the Montessori mattress benefits, you can make positive contributions to your child’s development;

-Reveals that children are individuals; One of the most common mistakes made in the field of child development is not treating children as individuals and seeing them in need of everything. However, children who are dependent on others because they are not given responsibility have just as much skill in doing their own work. Montessori education provides a very suitable ground to develop these structures that are revealed at appropriate opportunities. Montessori education, as it is known, is education that reveals the child’s potential and aims to take responsibility for his own actions. Thanks to the Motessori bed, the child can perform a basic action such as sleeping without needing anyone else. In this way, he is able to take responsibility for himself in other areas as well.
-The beds we offer for Montessori education are completely suitable for health conditions and your child’s development and have natural content. With the use of natural wool, cotton, coconut fiber and latex, you can prevent bacteria, mold and fungus formations and provide the ideal sleeping environment for your child.
-Mattresses suitable for Montessori education act as a natural air conditioner by preventing excessive sweating or coldness thanks to their air pores.
-Thanks to the Montessori bed, you can provide education for your child such as responsibility, coordination and order at an early age. Learning information such as what time to go to bed, how to make his bed, how to keep it clean will also affect his other actions in daily life, so he will be organized. In this way, self-discipline can be provided, especially in the first years of children, which will enable them to step into their next lives.
Your child creates a space of his own with the Montessori bed and enjoys freedom thanks to this space. It is very important for children not to be pressured by others in terms of their physical and mental development. Children who are exposed to oppression may encounter serious psychological problems in their later lives if they cannot find relief from this situation. Having a space of his own and designing this space according to himself has important factors in the child’s sense of responsibility and how this space should be managed.
-Most important to the Montessori system is taking responsibility for their own actions. If your child makes mistakes or mischief in the bed, it helps him grow as he will see what it means for him to do so. Considering that the best way to learn is to learn by yourself, this method is very useful.
Montessori beds offer the most appropriate use for raising your child well with these benefits they offer to your children. As a result of your conversation with our sleep consultant, you can find the right bed for your child, so you can ensure that your child develops effectively and constructively.

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