Why is 0-6 Years Important?

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When babies are born, their brain development is not yet complete. Most of the brain development is completed in the first 6 years. They acquire 70% of all behavior patterns they have acquired throughout their lives in the 0-6 age period. That’s why this age range is so important.

-The period between the ages of 0-3 is the absorbing mind period in which children unconsciously absorb everything around them like a sponge. Children absorb whatever they are exposed to. Between the ages of 3-6, they make conscious what they have learned unconsciously.

-In the period between 0-6 years, the neurons in the brain of children move very quickly. Being exposed to many stimuli and experiencing different experiences positively affect their brain development. When the innate hereditary features are added to the experiential experiences, the development of the brain progresses in a positive direction.

-In this period, children’s neurophysiological mechanism is clear, their perceptions are strong, their memory recording is intense and their learning power is at the highest level.

-Language development, speaking skills and vocabulary, which enable the child to communicate with his environment, are enriched in these years.

-This is the period when our children discover themselves and the environment and gain their self-confidence.

-Correct warnings and guidance contribute to eliminating the lack of attention, increasing the sense of awareness, and growing up as more secure, sharing and social individuals.

-If the necessary foundations are not laid with accurate and timely warnings in this period, it will be difficult, sometimes even impossible, to develop these skills in the future.

The main thing that contributes to this development is to show interest and love, to establish skin contact and to meet the needs, and to have a secure bond with the mother during infancy. Along with these, making eye contact, touching, using love words, reading books and playing games help to contribute positively to the development of the developing brain.

The studies carried out in the 0-6 age period should contribute to the development of children. Their potential must be discovered and taken to the highest level.

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