Which Hand Is Your Baby Using More?

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By the 9th month, it is observed that most of the babies are able to catch objects skillfully. Again in these months, their dominant hands become more prominent. Sometimes they can change this hand later, but usually between 9 and 12 months, they make it clear which hand they have chosen to use as the dominant hand. Finger grips become stronger. They can now hold small objects between their index finger and thumb. However, due to the danger of swallowing, care should be taken when introducing small parts; Any risk of swallowing and suffocation should be avoided.

Don’t be surprised if your baby usually adopts 1-2 toys these days. In the coming months, you may observe that they separate certain toys from others from time to time, and that they always carry them in their hands.

Your baby’s first socialization steps are possible with a healthy relationship with you.

Socializing and feeling their parents around is very important for your baby. He loves playing simple games with you. He wants you to be in sight at all times. He can get angry when you step outside of this area. You can also help him relax when you are out of sight (for example, while working in the kitchen) by talking to him or having him stand where he can see you. None of this is a whim, it’s just about feeling safe and comfortable. As they become more conscious and their mobility and exploration increase, so do their anxieties. He may greet strangers and even people he knows with timid glances.

Show your baby that the behaviors you want to be repeated make you happy…
Your baby likes being the center of attention and being approved, just like everyone else at this age. He is now able to distinguish between approval and disapproval and repeats a behavior that is laughed at or praised to keep you interested. Therefore, the interest you will show especially in the behaviors you want to gain will ensure the repetition and internalization of these behaviors. When he does something wrong, he may realize that it is wrong from your negative behavior and even feel guilty. Remember, your baby is still a tiny, developing human being who still follows the teacher inside and does many things unconsciously just out of a love of discovery and learning.

Your baby does not yet know how to fully play or share with others. For example, he may pass the object or toy in his hand to you or another adult, but he may not always give it. In such cases, it is very good for your baby to be with you, communicate and play games in this way so that he can share something. Now it can find an object you hide more easily. He discovers new tools by himself. For example, he may try to use another material to achieve something. Begins to use simple ways of trial and error. Tries changes and different variations in repetitive movements.

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