When You Should Dress Your Baby in Shoes

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When you need to wear shoes, you can listen to our suggestions below:
The main purpose of the shoes is to provide freedom of movement to the foot while protecting your child from the cold and the damage of sharp objects. In this context:

-Size – It is more reasonable for shoes to be slightly larger than they should always be a little smaller than they should be.
-Flexibility – Stiff, “backed shoes” are not good for feet, especially at first. As a matter of fact, they limit the mobility of the feet.
-Falls of children can cause different injuries. Therefore, the soles of the shoes should be neither slippery nor very grippy.
-Old style or grown-up style high heel, narrow toe, etc. The models are not suitable for children.
-Plastic shoes that are widely used today and that do not adequately grip the child’s feet are not healthy for our children.
-The materials of the shoes must be of breathable fabrics; especially when the weather is hot.
-To support the habit of putting on and taking off shoes on their own when your children are young, we recommend that you wear velcro shoes rather than rope-tied shoes. First, shoes without laces or with velcro, then additionally shoes with zippers (from 2.5-3 years old); Finally, if you use lace-up shoes (from the age of 6), you will have prepared the infrastructure for your child to wear and take off their shoes as they wish.
When you make all these preparations, you will make a great attempt for your baby’s physical development and daily care skills.

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