What Your Baby Can Do By Himself

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What I can do on my own…
Your baby can do wonders with self-care skills if you support them as they approach one year old. For example, he can eat some food by himself. He wants to use the spoon and can bring it to his mouth. Likewise, he can hold his glass with both hands and drink from it. Most importantly, if you show him and support him to try, he can take off his socks himself. Once again, we recommend that you be patient in these matters, give your baby time and give him the opportunity to do it on his own.

My teeth…
By the time your baby is 1 year old, they usually have 6 to 8 teeth. Early or late tooth eruption is not better or worse. Teeth usually emerge by the age of 2.5-3 years. Sometimes, a baby who is 1 year old may not have a tooth at all. Tooth eruption (the process of tooth development where the teeth enter the mouth and become visible) usually has a sequence, followed by the eruption of the teeth. While teething may be a problem for some children, it may be a more difficult process for some children. It usually takes up to 1 week. However, there is no fever above 39 degrees Celsius or prolonged diarrhea during teething, and the problems do not last longer than a week. If the problems are in these dimensions, it should be considered that there may be different causes.

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