What Montessori Education Brings to Children

by admin

-They respect themselves, their environment, different cultures and labor.

-They are sensitive to nature and other living things.

-They are self-confident and responsible.

-They are in harmony with their surroundings.

-They express themselves best.

-They are open to cooperation and mutual assistance.

-They have a deep, spontaneous concentration.

-They are productive.

-They become independent.

-They can be self sufficient.

-They become self-disciplined.

-They become entrepreneurs and researchers.

-They are organized and hardworking.

-They enjoy constant learning.

-They become attached to reality.

-They have a love of silence and individual work.

-They tame their possessive instincts.

-They cheerfully obey.

-They have initiative.

-They produce solutions to problems.

-They are happy and successful.

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