What Kind of Shoes for Your Baby

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If your baby has started to walk, he will start to wear his first shoes. We still recommend walking barefoot inside the house if possible, but they will need to wear shoes outside, especially now. Let us give you some tips on what to consider when choosing bridal shoes:

-First of all, shoes should not squeeze the child’s feet. Because if the shoes are tight on their feet, children tend to be restless and show their discomfort. For this reason, you should definitely go shopping for shoes together and try them out.
-Shoes should be made of leather or a comfortable material that does not sweat so that the feet can breathe. Because sweating and moisture are high in the feet of babies and children.
-The bottom of the shoe must have a non-slip sole. Because when children start to walk, they may have difficulty controlling themselves. In addition, shoes with flexible soles should be preferred; leather etc. Hard-soled shoes should be avoided. Children who can walk comfortably can be protected from the danger of slipping and falling in this way.
-Orthopedic shoes are not necessary for every child. When deemed necessary, the child’s foot measurements should be taken and specially made.
-Hard and narrow-nosed shoes can cause pain or ingrown nails. Unsuitable shoes will negatively affect the child’s physical development as they will restrict his daily activities.
-Remember the 1 cm rule and buy shoes in a size that will leave an inch of space from the toe to allow the child’s toes to be comfortable. Buying large size shoes, thinking that your feet will grow, is not recommended.
-Choosing shoes that are easy to clean and easy to wear will make your job easier.
-It should be ensured that the child can move freely in high-heeled shoes.,

If you want your baby to have the experience of putting on and taking off their shoes after a while, it is important to buy comfortable shoes for them. In the first stage, velcro and flexible shoes are very suitable for this purpose. Then we will recommend zippered shoes. However, in any case, the priority in choosing shoes or clothes should be the comfort and health of your baby/child, and then the ability to put on and take off on their own. Elegance should be the last criterion.

As you can see, you have already passed a year with your baby. Rest assured, the process will run even faster from now on. In order to contribute to the continuation of the relationship you will maintain with your child in the form of a “pleasant union”, you can start to give him the skills to do his own age-appropriate work on his own.

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