What Kind of Books Should We Choose? and To Support Language Development

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What kind of books should we choose?
Don’t forget to read occasionally with your baby. You can even give them books to review now. He can still turn several pages of the book together; but over time he will become adept at translating. For now, it may be appropriate to choose books with thick pages to prevent easy tearing and facilitate page turning. You don’t need to read every detail on the page while reading the book. You’ll notice that baby books already have sentences with few words. If the book is not prepared for babies, instead of reading it all, it will only describe the event in the picture and choose from nouns and verbs or in addition to color, size, etc. from adjectives containing definitions, etc. You can tell stories consisting of short and concise sentences. For example, point to the child in the book and look, “the child has come down”; You can use clear, understandable sentences such as “he wore the yellow coat”. After you read it, you can give your baby the opportunity to examine it by handing the book to your baby and saying, let’s see what else there is.

To support language development…
Remember to name parts of your face and body, especially in front of the mirror or by touching your baby. Repeat this process when bathing, massaging, or dressing your baby. By the next month (some even by the eighth month), they can start showing when they say show me your nose or mouth. But remember, in order to show you his nose, he first touches your nose and even lets him touch his nose with his finger; You need to name it “bu-run” so that it can clearly understand what the name of the nose belongs to. Some parents may be upset when they ask their babies to show their mouth or nose and get no response, but it will take time for your baby to understand what something is that is not directly taught to him. Even if you do not name everything exactly, he will be able to analyze what belongs to what after a while, but for this he needs more effort and the process takes longer. However, when you make these naming, descriptions or small talk, you facilitate both language development and the ability to perceive many concepts in the world and support other developmental features thanks to the rapidly developing language development.

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