What is the Absorbent Mind

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The child is born with what Maria Montessori calls the “absorbent mind” wherever they are in the world. In Montessori philosophy, the aim of the absorbing mind principle is to reveal the mental activity of the child.

The absorbing mind is capable of absorbing all the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of the environment without any effort or fatigue. This ability, besides being unique, is temporary. He gives the acquisition of language as an example of the absorbing mind.

Although the newborn child lacks memory, intelligence, reasoning ability, the child soon learns to speak. By the age of two, he learns to speak by imitating the language spoken by those around him, thanks to his absorbing mind. Since the child can learn the language by himself, he can naturally learn the information around him without difficulty. Acquiring knowledge in this way is also a natural and enjoyable activity for the child.

With the absorbing mind, the child builds himself. It does this unconsciously between the ages of 0-3. It unconsciously absorbs everything. It becomes conscious between the ages of 3-6. He learns from his environment, observes and repeats. For example, they take the language in all its details. Photographs like child camera, adult makes like painter.

The period between the ages of 0-6 is a very important period for using the absorbing mind. We may never have this much learning again. During this period, the child gets what he is exposed to. Like order to be order, like disorder to disorder. We can think of it as the same sponge absorbs muddy water as well as clean water.

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