What is Montessori? Who?

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-Montessori education got its name thanks to the pedagogue who created this type of education.
-This form of education practiced in Italy advocates educating each child individually and creating content for their interest.
-For the purposes of Montessori education, if a child is to receive education, this education should be geared towards the child’s ability and individual learning speed.
-It is against the equal treatment of all children in the same class.
-Pedagogue Maria Montessori first tried her education style on children with mental retardation.
-After getting effective and productive results, he thought that this form of education could be for all children.
-First of all, he determined what the children liked and did not like.
-While expressing that children like to move, be free, orderly environment, reading and writing without books; He stated that he did not like the reward and -punishment method, adult pressure, the teacher’s desk and toys.
-Maria Montessori told the following true story about the method in one of her books: A woman in a Montessori classroom, where children grow up very strayed and -skeptical about the disadvantages of Montessori education, asked a 7-year-old girl from the classroom, “Is it true that you are free to do anything here?” He asked, and the girl replied, “I don’t know the exact answer to your question, but we love what we do.” he replied.
-The Montessori philosophy is inspired by the children’s own choices, and it is thought that if the child is going to make a mistake, he should control his own mistakes.
-It emphasizes that the people themselves are important, not the rules in education.
-Thanks to this education, which is suitable for the pre-school period, the personality of the child is supported by extensive education in healthy environments.
-For this reason, there are institutions that provide Montessori preschool education in many cities in our country.
-Montessori education is a viable method and even a way of life for the baby.

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