What is Growing Pain in Children?

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What is Growing Pain in Children?

Increasing pain, which can be observed from time to time until the last period of adolescence, usually manifests itself in the form of benign pains due to the physiological development process. It is very important to distinguish which pain should be considered growing pain and pain should not be ignored.

The development of the musculoskeletal system in children includes the process that continues until the end of adolescence, just like the development of other organs and systems. The growth and development process is very rapid in the first two years after birth. Puberty begins at the age of 8-10 years for girls and 10-12 years for boys. The growth of the height and musculoskeletal system accelerates and ends at the age of 15-17 in girls and 16-18 in boys. In some adolescents, growth and development may continue until the age of 20-21.

What are the Situations of Pain?

The increase in physical height of children and adolescents does not cause pain. However, some pain may occur due to increased physical activity during the growth period. Increasing pain often occurs in the lower extremities of children. It is rarely seen on the hips, waist and upper parts. These pains are known as pains in the evening and at night, usually in the front of the thigh, behind the knee and in the calf, which can usually be upon awakening, sometimes lasting minutes, sometimes lasting hours. Pain occurs in the muscles, not the joints or bones. It usually occurs after increased physical activity.

Usually let the child rest, stop or reduce physical activity, massage the painful area, apply ointment to the relevant areas to relieve pain.

How Are Growing Pains Diagnosed?

If you suspect the pain is getting worse, it’s best to consult a pediatrician first. A physical examination of a child with growing pains usually does not reveal any abnormalities. In this case, blood tests and x-rays are often not enough. The doctor can diagnose the child by examining the child and asking questions such as sports activities related to the past.

Before diagnosing increased pain, it is important to investigate other possible causes of pain. That’s why it’s important to see a doctor if you think your child has growing pains, pain in their legs. The most likely cause of increased pain is muscle soreness from using too much during the day. This abuse is likely due to movements that can strain the muscles, such as running and playing.

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