What is a Montessori Bed?

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A Montessori bed is the name given to a floor bed specially prepared for children, where they can easily reach and go up and down easily. In fact, the Montessori bed means that the bed is aimed at the development of the child’s motor skills, rather than a model. With these beds, the child can sleep on his own, when he is sleepy, he can go to bed without asking for help from anyone else, and after waking up, he can get out of bed and arrange his bed without asking for help from anyone else.

Since Montessori understanding enables the child to take responsibility in life and to be conscious, it is also careful in choosing a bed. Because until a certain age, children do not realize or develop their own skills, and if they are in a situation that constantly asks for help from their parents, this may cause them to need the protection of others when they become adults. Montessori education is of great importance in order to stay away from situations such as feeling insecure, confused, not knowing what to do in life. Since they spend most of their time in their beds, especially when they are born, care should be taken to ensure that the bed selection is in accordance with this understanding. Montessori beds are designed as an object where children can realize this understanding of education in their daily lives. It stands out as the most important object for Montessori education at home. Thus, when the child sees that he/she performs an action he/she does frequently, namely sleeping, on his/her own, without the need for others, he/she will know how to take responsibility for other actions as well.

Why Is It Important to Use a Bed Close to the Ground?
The Montessori bed finds its response as a floor bed considering the height of the children. The importance of using a bed close to the ground is that they provide a free living space for children for very long periods of time. Especially when the crib is taken as a basis, getting out of bed for young children turns into a complete torture. The child either needs others to get out of the cradle or tries to get out of the cradle in his own way, but the possibility of harming himself increases as his own methods are often dangerous. In this respect, it is very important for the baby to get into and out of his own bed for the development of self-confidence. In this way, the baby will realize that he is doing an action that he does very often during the day, and he will develop this reaction in other actions. Also, it should be noted that children love to play on the floor. Their habit with the ground is mainly due to the fact that other objects are higher than them and at the same time they feel safe. Providing a space where they can feel comfortable is very important for them to find themselves safe. In this way, the child can spend a long time here by establishing his own space without needing others.

What Does the Montessori Method Say about the Bed?

According to the Montessori method, it is very important for the child to be comfortable in his room. For this reason, the Montessori method takes the child’s own unique range of motion and allows him to move freely in his room. In this respect, mattresses or beds close to the ground can be much more positive and constructive for the development of the child when they are preferred instead of a crib. The main point here is that on a bed close to the ground, children can perform their own actions. Since they control their own movement areas, they can go to bed when they are sleepy and get out of bed when they wake up. The main point here is that the child is not confined to the bed like a cage. Because children who feel closed down will constantly need those around them to get rid of or leave, and when they see that their needs are met, they will think that everyone will treat them like their parents. If a suitable environment is prepared for him, the child will be able to perform his own actions without the need of anyone, including his parents. In this respect, a bed close to the ground or a floor mattress has very important benefits for the physical and mental development of the child.

What are Montessori Bed Features?

As a Montessori bed, it should be known that this bed is not a model, but a bed close to the ground. Therefore, beds to be used without a cradle are actually suitable for use as Montessori beds. As WellMatt, all of the beds we offer for babies and children show Montessori bed features in this respect. However, the beds to be used with the Montessori method still need to have certain criteria. These are respectively;

-the baby should be suitable for the physical development of the child,
-should not cause pain to his muscles and joints,
-should adjust the heat balance well and ensure that the child sleeps comfortably,
-It should be prevented from formations such as mold, fungus and bacteria due to its air pores and natural structure.
-It should not interrupt the child’s sleep and should allow him to move comfortably during sleep,
-Since the mattress will get dirty frequently for various reasons, it should have the feature of being cleaned quickly.
-Our beds with these features stand out as beds suitable for the Montessori method. Based on your child’s needs and physical characteristics, you can easily choose the bed that is most suitable for Montessori by meeting with our sleep consultant.

These beds can be used comfortably until the age of 15, which is the ideal end of Montessori education, according to the model.

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