Ways to Make Your Baby Love Eating

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Ways to Make Your Baby Love Eating

Babies can start to be fed with additional food when they are 6 months old. However, this transition process can sometimes be difficult and in this context, some mothers ask, “My baby is not eating, what should I do?” constructs the sentence. Although there are many methods you can try to accustom babies who do not eat to additional foods, there are some points that you should pay attention to.

If your baby is in the process of transitioning to solid food, if you are strict while trying to feed soup, vegetable and fruit purees, your baby will avoid eating and will object. For this reason, you should set your baby free as much as possible and act accordingly. Otherwise, as we mentioned before, the transition to this supplementary food will be very difficult.

How Do Babies Love Food?

Some babies cannot easily get used to additional foods because they consume breast milk for 6 months. Individuals who are researching ways to make babies love to eat and want to get their baby used to additional food easily, can take a look at the list below to learn the tricks.

  • If your baby will consume solid food for the first time, you should not neglect to give water. At this point, your baby’s first food other than breast milk should be water.
  • Since breast milk is a sweet liquid, you can feed your baby fruit puree first. In this way, your baby will start to enjoy complementary foods. If you want to feed your baby vegetables, you can prepare vegetable soups.
  • Babies like soups more than vegetable purees. You should allow your baby to consume complementary foods himself.
  • If you give your baby a small taste of solid food and then let him control it, he will start to eat on his own.
  • If your baby does not tend to solid food, you can use colored plates and colorful baby spoons. In this way, your baby will begin to be interested in food.

You should definitely apply the above tips and you should not be strict with your baby because he does not consume additional food. In this way, it will be much easier for your baby to get used to additional foods.

My Baby Is Not Eating, What Should I Do?

Parents whose babies do not eat are wondering how they can feed their babies at this point. Parents who use sentences such as “my 7-month-old baby is not eating” should consult their doctor at this point. If the additional food you give your baby contains intense flavors such as salt, pepper, onion, garlic, it is normal for your baby not to eat these foods. Babies should be given unsalted and fat-free pureed vegetables and fruits. Otherwise, some problems may occur, especially in the digestive systems.

If your baby is not eating, you should choose the vegetables or fruits you offer to your baby according to the season and provide variety. However, if your baby still does not eat and continues to be fed only with breast milk or follow-on milk, it would be the most logical decision to consult your doctor at this point. Because your baby may have a health problem or the food you give your baby may not be suitable for babies. If you follow the doctor’s recommendations, you will be able to overcome this problem.

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