Ways to Instill a Love of Reading in Children

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Ways to Instill a Love of Reading in Children

The Importance of Reading Books

The habit of reading books is one of the most useful habits in a person’s life. A person who reads a book is beneficial both to himself and to society. In developed countries, the number of people who read books is very high. According to the researches, the highest rate of reading books by population is the United States of America.

After that, countries such as Japan, China, Germany and France come. In our country, this rate is quite low compared to the population. We need individuals who can read. The love of reading books should be taught at a very young age. Reading should become a routine of life.

Your child should read books. But this should not be forced. It is necessary to encourage the child to read books without getting tired. The parent should check the book that the child will read and take a look at the content. Appropriate book selection should be made by considering the cognitive characteristics of children.

Ways to Build a Love of Reading Books

You should consider these methods in our article where we talk about ways to give children a love of reading.

Being a Model

  The child learns by modeling on Bandura’s Social Learning Theory. If parents want their children to love reading books, first of all, this love should be in themselves. They should be role models by reading books to their children. The child should see that the book is read in the home environment.

Library Environment

The mother or father should go to the library with their children and bring the child closer to the books. If reading is done among the books in the library together, the child can be tempted to read books. The atmosphere of the library encourages the child to read.

Favorite Books

If it is desired to instill a love of reading in the child, the books that the child likes should be provided. There is no harm in the child’s reading popular books after parental control. Especially children are interested in fantasy genre books.

Chat About Books

The mother or father should be able to chat with the child about books. After the child has read the book, he/she can explain the book with its main lines. This conversation further connects the child to the books. He improves his communication with people, especially with his parents.

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