Until What Age Can a Montessori Bed Be Used?

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The Montessori method first emerged as a system that covers the education of children aged 0-6 in preschool. Later, due to high demand, Maria Montessori adapted the Montessori philosophy for primary and high school children.

Montessori beds are designed in accordance with the development of the method, so that children aged 0-6 can enter and exit their beds independently of their parents. Today, these beds can be prepared in the size of a baby bed or a single bed. In this case, it can continue to be used after the age of 6, according to the preference of children and families.

One of the most common questions of parents is “when can the baby start to sleep in his own bed, how much will he use if we buy a crib”… Montessori mattresses are suitable for long-term use from birth with the advantage of being a mattress. Even if he sleeps in the same room with his parents at night, he can sleep in his own bed during the daytime. Thus, the baby who sleeps in different beds does not acquire the habit of choosing a bed.

The fact that Montessori beds are mattresses also reduces the possibility of the baby falling and hitting something. Babies don’t sleep very vigorously until the age of 1, so a bed rail may seem unnecessary to some parents. However, it is important for active children to have a railing, but also to have space for them to get in and out of their bed by themselves.

From What Age Are Montessori Beds Used?
The onset of Montessori bed use varies according to the parent and the baby. For babies who have met the standard for night sleep, rooms can be reserved and bed use can begin. While some parents stay in the same room with their babies for longer, some parents want them to get used to their own room in a short time. In this case, the transition period to bed may vary. However, Montessori mattresses are suitable for use from birth.

Montessori Bed Selection and Sizes
Depending on the size of the baby room, Montessori beds can be made in different sizes. The most commonly used bed size is single bed sizes such as 90*190 or 100*200. Thus, long-term use is provided for the child.

When choosing a mattress, the most suitable features for the baby’s health should be selected. Beds made of natural fabrics and structures that do not contain allergic components are preferred. Latex mattresses are recommended for babies lately.

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