Today’s Reality “Digital Kids

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Today’s Reality “Digital Kids

Due to the rapid changes in technology in recent years, our lives have changed in many ways. Now, we often find ourselves shopping online, watching something, spending time on social media or getting things done. In other words, technology has penetrated so much into our lives that it has become almost impossible to escape from it. Of course, our children are acquainted with technology from the day they are born. The television, computer, tablet or smart phones in the house attract the attention of babies and children. It may even become impossible to prevent children after a certain point. So what is this digital child concept? Let’s find out the details.

Who is the Digital Child?

Today, children live in a world surrounded by technology devices, and this is becoming their normal. Children who grow up in a completely digital environment get used to the comfort of accessing most things without effort, or they may think that having a pleasant time consists only of the internet. Children who tend to spend all their time with the internet and technological devices are also called “digital children”. At this point, parents have great responsibilities. Because children who cannot distinguish between the real world and the virtual environment can get confused after a while. Children need to be informed about the difficulties of life, the fact that everything is not as perfect as it seems on social media, or that spending too much time with technological devices will cause both physical and psychological problems. So what should we do if our child wants to be too involved with technology and the internet?

What Path Should Parents Follow?

Take a short trip to your childhood and remember! Did you have the internet or a smartphone in your time? You would probably play with your friends in the dust from morning to night, draw pictures or watch cartoons from time to time. Yes, times have changed and the internet has become the center of our lives, especially in the last 20 years. Although the use of the Internet is useful and educates us in most points, there are actually many negative aspects. It is not wise to expect our children to resist the internet, which has made us almost prisoners. Banning the use of the Internet and technology for our children is the biggest mistake we can make. Because if there is something as natural as making a mud house or playing catch in our childhood, it is that our children want to hang out on the internet today. Well, don’t you think it’s a good idea to get away from the digital environment and leave ourselves to nature?

Make Your Child Love Nature And Picnics!

We should definitely tell our child that the use of the internet, TV, computer or tablet is not something that should control our lives. While doing this, we should choose appropriate words and base our discourses on justified reasons. Even talking about our own childhood; We can describe the joy of flying a kite, playing ball or going on a picnic. The important thing here is to encourage our child. In addition, we need to mention that real life is not just about technology, technology is just a part of our lives. In that case, we can give more weight to nature walks, picnic or camping activities that we will do as a family. When we go to nature, we, as parents, can set an example for our child by taking a break from technology for a while. Cycling, fishing, kite flying, playing games with the soil or chatting by the fire will be very enjoyable for our child.

Always Follow But Don’t Ban!

It is not realistic for us to ban our children when we cannot distance ourselves from the blessings of technology. Because families can spend most of their time with a smartphone or laptop in their hands. We should not make sentences such as “you should never pick up the phone” or “computer is forbidden for you” to the child who sees this. Does our child want to watch TV? Then we can give him permission by giving him a certain amount of time and choosing an age-appropriate cartoon. Likewise, the situation should be the same with the use of a smartphone or tablet. We should never allow our children to be intertwined with technology in an unlimited and uncontrolled manner. In addition, we need to constantly check the videos our child watches or the sites they follow. It will also be useful to put a blocking system for harmful sites. One of the biggest mistakes parents make is to constantly give their children a phone or tablet to get rid of them. Families who make their children addicted to technology in order to spare time for themselves or to listen to their head will face great difficulties in the future. Because the excess of everything is harmful, and the situation is the same in digital concepts.

Spend Quality Time at Home

It may not always be possible to plan activities or trips outside. At this point, there are many alternatives that we can do at home with our child. We can benefit from activities that require effort so that both ourselves and our child can get away from technology and be intertwined with the realities of life. We can make objects from ceramic dough, paint objects, or try different cake recipes in the kitchen with our child. No matter how much the children are born into technology, they will also be very willing to work that requires manual dexterity due to their nature. With the crayons, books or notebooks we will present to our child, we can attract his interest in different directions.

It should not be forgotten that there is no harm in using technology and the internet in a measured way. The important thing is to try not to be a prisoner of digital concepts and to withdraw ourselves from this situation. Therefore, whenever we notice that our child is overdoing it, we should immediately step in and divert his attention in a different direction. It is easier to unplug the internet than to witness that our child is suffering from various ailments in the future.

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