The Importance of the Game

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Play a game; It is a natural need for children, like eating and sleeping. It also supports the child’s psychological, social and mental development. The child’s imagination is the most important factor in his entertainment and personality development.

Play is the best education and training method. Because it brings permanent behavioral changes. It should not be forgotten that if we prevent the games in which children establish their first contact with real life, we will prevent their healthy development.

Play is the child’s job and this job is very important. Play is the place where the child expresses himself most easily. A child grows with play, matures with play, develops with play. It is possible to teach a child many things with games that you cannot teach in normal ways.

The duty of parents is to teach children new games with interaction and learning. Under the other heading, we have listed the list of games you can play with children at home according to age. Ages are average, the important thing is to choose a game according to your child’s development..

Points that parents should pay attention to during the game:

1- Set a period of 10-15 minutes that will not be interrupted in any way during the day. This period should coincide with the same hours every day.

2- Let your child choose the game. Do not encourage games with clear rules, such as board games.

3- Follow your child and observe carefully and interestedly what he is doing.

4- Let him know that you see what your child is doing and that you are interested in them. It’s like, ‘You drive very carefully.

5- Let your child know that you hear what he says and that you are interested in it: When he says ‘I want to play more’, you can say ‘Our private time made you happy’.

6- Verbally reward those you like about what he does or says. Like, “I like the red car you made.”

7- Just ignore the behavior that you don’t want (stop doing items 3. 4. 5. 6.). Quit the game if he engages in destructive behavior.

8- Do not ask your child questions. Like, ‘Why did you paint this?’, ‘What are you doing?’.

9- Don’t teach, just let your child guide you.

10- Join his game if he wants to, but never configure the game.

Play GAMES with your children, touch them, hold their hands, care for them, kiss them, communicate by looking into their eyes, show them your love. Remember, the heart of your children is entrusted to their parents, that is to you.

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