The 10 Commandments of Montessori

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Never interfere with a child unless he asks for your help.

Never talk about a child’s readiness or unpreparedness.

Focus on developing and empowering the child in what he or she is good at. So you can see that their misbehavior is gradually decreasing.

Prepare the environment meticulously so that the items remain stationary. Let him develop himself with the materials. Show where materials should be found and how they should be worked with.

Be ready to answer the call of children who need help at any time. Always listen to children and respond to their needs.

Respect the child who made a mistake and correct his mistake later. But if there is a student who misuses the environment in a way that jeopardizes the development of himself and his friends, politely warn him as soon as possible.

Respect the child who wants to listen, who wants to watch other people’s work, or who wants to reflect on their previous work. Do not invite that student to your side or force him to do other work.

Guide the child who cannot find the suitable work for him.

Re-present the child who has not yet corrected his mistakes on the material, even if he refuses to do so, until he gets it right. Do this by re-introducing him to the environment, in a gentle tone of voice and with love, within certain rules.

Always approach the child in the best way possible so that he or she will study the material you have targeted.

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