Raising Confident Children

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Self-esteem is an important factor in maintaining your child’s mental health and social happiness for a lifetime. Children depend on their parents from the moment they are born. From the age of 3, when he gradually begins to realize himself, he wants to act freely as an individual. In child development and education, the age of 0-6 is very important in the formation of character. In this process, parents have a great responsibility to shape your child’s character correctly and to understand the outside world. We can list the basic tips of raising a self-confident individual as follows;

-Do not use individual differences between children as a positive or negative comparison tool.
-Get to know your child well. Each child’s character and structural features are not the same, try to get to know him and try to find appropriate approaches to -these features.
-Concentrate on the areas your child is interested in and spend time creating posts on these areas together.
-For areas where your child needs to be developed, work together and succeed instead of moving away from these areas completely.
-Give your child responsibilities in different areas. Appreciate him when he succeeds by giving him small responsibilities that he can do at home or outside. If he doesn’t succeed, encourage him to try again instead of getting angry, if necessary, do it together.
-Create opportunities for social activities, social groups and different environments outside the home.

You should not belittle your child’s talent, neither with your actions nor with your words. While your child is busy with a job he loves, he likes to paint, for example, and you discovered that this is your child’s talent. You should take your child’s drawing seriously, appreciate him, show him that you support him with your body language, and even contribute to improving his talent. You should explain with examples from life that not every person can be perfect in every field.

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