Raising a Child is a Teamwork

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Raising a Child is a Teamwork

Although it is thought that mothers should be at the forefront in the healthy development of children, fathers actually play an equally important role. Moreover, in recent years, it has become much more important for the father and the child to establish a healthy communication, due to the change in family structures, the increase in divorces, and the greater participation of mothers in working life. Raising a child is truly a team effort and both mother and father are equally important to the child.

The involvement of the father in the relationship with the mother develops the concepts of “social life” in the child’s mind. The father figure is very important for both girls and boys. According to the psychosexual theory, girls want to be close to their fathers, especially around the age of 3-4. So much so that they may think that the person who prevents this is the mother and harbor jealousy towards the mother. However, even if there is such a process, they will get through this process by identifying with the mother later in healthy relationships. A similar situation may also be in question for boys and their mothers at that age. The identification of the boy with the father is important for his sexual development and socialization.

The fact that fathers establish close and warm relations with their children as much as their spouses contribute to the development of their children. It can be observed that the skills of self-expression, listening and communication develop in children who are close to their fathers. For the father, this closeness is important for him to feel good. Knowing the world of his child and watching him grow step by step can make the father very happy. With the interest of not only the mother but also the father, we will pay much more attention to the development of the children.

In fact, not only parents, but also children should grow up in as large a family as possible. Concepts such as grandparents, grandparents and grandparents are very important for your child. They receive unconditional love and attention from them, and for your child this means a further expansion of the circle of love. Take care to bring your child together with family elders as much as possible. This also allows him to better understand the concept of family; it makes him feel happy and safe.

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