Planning Before Getting Started with Baby

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Before starting work, you can share a job with other family members at home to make this period easier. This sharing is important; because when you come home you need to spend quality time with your baby rather than doing work. Remember, the important thing is not to spend too much time, but to spend quality time that you can fully devote to them, even if it is short. For this, it is very important to share responsibilities and leave time for you. Especially if there are other children waiting for you at home, this issue will gain even more importance. Let’s give you some examples:

– Even children can do simple tasks such as making beds, collecting toys, throwing the dirty ones in the basket. If you have older children at home, you can get help from them. It’s enough for everyone to have control over their own area of ​​responsibility.J And if they know that you have more time for games and activities with them as a result, they will enjoy helping you even more.

-You can get help from your spouse in tasks such as setting the table, putting the dirty plate in the dishwasher, taking out the garbage; After a while, your child will step in to do these things.

– A short preparation before bedtime for the next day’s meal and the children’s lunch will be a savior for the next day.

– Teach your partner how to store milk, how to thaw it, and how to feed your baby. Once you start working too, insomnia will become more and more challenging. It will be good for all of you if your spouse keeps the night watch from time to time. After all, she too has a need to bond with your baby.

Do not forget about yourself with all this intensity and do not neglect fun social life activities with your spouse 1-2 times a week. Everyone needs a “me” time for themselves for healthy “we”s!

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