Physical Development and Strengthening of Motor Muscles in Babies

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Some babies can roll on their backs with their faces down or face down on their backs. You can encourage this rolling movement by placing something interesting next to your baby. When you hold your finger while lying on your back, he will try to sit up by lifting his head and legs. You can play many games with your baby while he is lying on his back. For example, they love to kick. You can hang a soft ball from above. They can lift their legs to touch their hands and feet or knees. They can also reach for objects and hold a swinging object, and bring it to their hands and mouths. Offering objects swinging from above (rings, bells, balls, etc.) will allow you to have a pleasant time with your baby during this period. Your baby’s desire and ability to hold has increased. Usually, when looking at an object, they extend their hands towards it and spread their fingers.

Now try laying it face down a bit. Some babies begin to develop the swimming movement. This means preparation for crawling.

When you want to give something in his hand, he can sometimes reach out and grasp the objects. Usually hits objects. If your baby grasps an object, he tries to explore it by looking at it, trying to shake it, or putting it in his mouth. He cannot yet consciously let go of the object he is holding; If he does, it’s an accident that often surprises him. Over time, these things will turn into very easy movements for him, as he gains control of motor muscles on the one hand and understands cause-effect relationships on the other.

Keep exploring hands…

By the way, your baby will also find their own hands very interesting. He slaps his hands, touches them, and sometimes watches his hands for a long time. He usually keeps his hands slightly open. Now is the time to understand that your hands are an extension of themselves and what you can do with them.

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