My Child Starts Kindergarten

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My Child Starts Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a necessity for some families. Some families decide to send their children to kindergarten in order to meet their socialization needs. In recent years, the trends in daycare have increased considerably, with the difficulty of living conditions and the fact that women have started to take more place in business life. Especially if there is no family member to take care of the child, children go to kindergartens at an early age. However, the painful adaptation process is a situation that tires both families and children. Desperate parents in this regard also have to go through a stressful process. In fact, it is possible to get through this period more easily and without getting worn out psychologically.

What is the Best Age for Nursery?

Babies need the love and affection of their parents from the moment they are born. The first 2 years, known as the milk age, is a sensitive period for babies. For this reason, experts say that babies should not start nursery before the age of 2 unless it is very necessary. However, everyone’s living conditions are of course different and sometimes both parents have to work financially. With such exceptions, most mothers want to spend at least the first 2 years with their babies. However, when the child starts to meet his/her own needs, gains toilet habits and can express himself/herself easily, it means he/she is ready to start kindergarten.

Under normal circumstances, a child can start kindergarten at the age of 2.5 years. However, the recommendation of experts is exactly 4 years old. Because a child who has reached the age of 4 has stepped into the period called the age of play and his bond with his parents has decreased. At this age, the ability of children to get used to the idea of ​​leaving their family is more on the agenda. In our country, the average time to start kindergarten is 3 years old.

Nursery is a good option, especially for children who do not have siblings. Because children after the age of 2.5 feel the need to socialize. Playmate is an important factor for children in this period. Children learn to share in a kindergarten setting. They understand taking on duties, respecting the rights of others, courtesy and responsibility. While most children have a shy nature before they start nursery, they open up and become social afterward.

Getting used to the nursery…

In fact, there are very sensitive parents behind the children who cannot get used to the nursery. Unfortunately, falling on the child too much, approaching emotionally and having difficulty separating from the child, unfortunately, negatively affects the process of getting used to the nursery. Therefore, first of all, parents should be determined on this issue and should not take a step back.

The child should be told that he has to go to kindergarten every day and that he will have a very good day there. If you are too possessive towards your child, it is normal for them not to want to break up with you. Because in such cases, children feel lonely when they are separated from their parents. It is the parents’ duty to ensure that the child is self-confident.

You can buy small gifts for your child starting kindergarten. It is also very effective if you send him to the kindergarten with words of support and praise. Before going to the nursery, you need to prevent him from doing activities that he will enjoy at home. E.g; Watching cartoons can be more attractive to children than daycare. For this reason, as soon as the child wakes up in the morning, you can prepare him for the nursery and say, “I wonder what awaits you in the nursery today?” You can excite him with sentences such as:

You should also keep the time short while saying goodbye and send your child off to the nursery. After your child comes home, you can ask him questions about what he is doing in daycare. Children enjoy chatting about games and activities. Children also love to talk about their own achievements. You can also ask him what things he has accomplished during the day. Sometimes your child may not want to go to kindergarten when he is sick or very upset. In such cases, do not choose activities that will encourage the house too much. Because in such a situation, the child gets confused and may think that the house is no different from the nursery.

Don’t Leave Your Child Alone!

It is never right to leave the child directly for a full day in the first daycare experience. It is best for the child to gradually get used to the nursery. Otherwise, if he consumes everything in the first place, he may not want to go again. It is appropriate to stay in the nursery for an hour or two in the first days. Later, this period continues to increase and the child can now spend all his time in the nursery, apart from the mother and father, throughout the day. In the first days, the mother or father should wait in the nursery and the child should be able to see his parents whenever he wants.

Nursery is very important for children to spend quality time and socialize. It also positively influences their development and teaches a lot. It is your biggest duty to be patient during the adaptation process and to motivate your child constantly.

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