Multiple Intelligences and Cognitive Development

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Multiple Intelligences and Cognitive Development

Today, we will focus on the development of intelligence and talk about the concept of multiple intelligences. We all want our children to be smart and successful. Every person is born with their own potential. The important thing is to understand the potential of children by observing them without making them unhappy with unnecessary expectations that they may never fulfill. Providing children with an environment full of rich stimuli so that they can reach this potential is one of the greatest favors that can be done for them. These stimuli can be presented as toys in certain periods, relationships in certain periods, observations of nature in certain periods, and different activities in certain periods.

So what is multiple intelligences?

You’ve probably heard of the concept of multiple intelligences. So what is multiple intelligences? The founder of Multiple Intelligences Theory Prof. Dr. According to Howard GARDNER, intelligence is the whole of the abilities and skills that are unique to each person in order to adapt to the changes and living in the changing world. People have all of the different types of intelligence and the way they are used is different. According to Gardner, there are 8 different intelligence areas. These are verbal, logical/mathematical, visual, bodily/kinesthetic, self/internal, social, nature and musical/rhythmic. The principles of the theory of multiple intelligences tell us:

Each person has a special blend of intelligence that he actively uses.
Every person has a unique intelligence profile.
Each of the intelligences has a different development process in humans.
All intelligences are dynamic.
The types of intelligence in humans can be identified and developed.
Every person has the opportunity to recognize and develop their own intelligence.
The development of each intelligence should be evaluated on its own.
Each type of intelligence has a different system in terms of memory, attention, perception and problem solving. While using one intelligence, other intelligences can also be used.
All types of intelligence are different and special resources for human self-actualization.
All scientific theories evaluating human development support the Multiple Intelligence Theory.

As we have stated many times in our articles, the first years of our lives are the years when we discover the world and ourselves and construct our future “us”. Therefore, it is very important to provide rich learning environments to children during these periods and to support them with games, toys and activities suitable for their holistic development at that age. Children need this support to reach their potential. Each child has a special development process within himself, with the opportunities offered to him. Children in a rich learning environment find the opportunity to develop many important skills such as self-knowledge and self-confidence and complete their development in a healthy way.

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