MOVING WATER – Montessori Activities

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 MOVING WATER – Montessori Activities

A great activity that can be done with oiled baking paper and colored water👍🏼
I have no explanation other than it’s magic 🤩. The colored water droplets glide around parchment paper perfectly! Color matching and mixing, plus some fine motor skill practice with the toothpick . Bonnie @make_it_your_own_ shared a water play activity using wax paper that triggered this idea 😍. She was right, it did not disappoint 🌈. I hope you try it out ❤️.

-Parchment paper
-Permanent markers
-Food coloring
-Toothpick or bamboo stick
1️⃣Tape down a piece of parchment paper to the table
2️⃣Using a permanent markers, draw some buckets or circles of different colors.
3️⃣Mix a little bit of water with food coloring to create colored water.
4️⃣Use the dropper to drop some colored water onto the parchment paper.
5️⃣Use the toothpick to carefully drag the drops to the correct color baskets

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