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Language enables people to express themselves and their environment, to develop thoughts, to convey information about events that are seen and perceived, to transfer various cultural accumulations, to communicate with other people, to express their wishes, hopes, sorrows, joys, thoughts, feelings, to understand others, to influence other people, to direct them. It is the most powerful communication tool used to manage and manage. Language is a system with basic units such as sounds, signs (symbols) and words used as a means of communication.

Language development is the acquisition, storage and use of words, numbers and symbols in accordance with the rules of the language. Language has its own rules and a system that develops within the framework of these rules. Various views have been put forward in the development of this complex system. Some of these views argue that heredity is more effective in language development, while others argue that environmental factors are more effective.

Language has two basic components. The first of these (receptive language, comprehension language) is the receptive language, and the other (expressive language) is the language of expression. receptive language; It is defined as the reception and understanding of verbal stimuli through sensory-neural network and auditory-perceptual processes. The language of expression is; It is the expression of sensory-nerve and motor-nerve functions (such as breathing, vocalization, resonance, articulation mechanisms) and mental concept through a sound image. Receptive language develops before the expressive language.

Language development in zero-six age group children, which is called the first childhood or pre-school period, is the basic language period that should be carefully considered in terms of education and training of Turkish. In this period, it is of great importance for preschool children to be able to speak in accordance with the rules of language, to use the words they have learned appropriately and to pronounce what they have learned correctly. A child who can listen and speak effectively is successful in his relations with others, as well as developing effective learning strategies and gaining literacy skills. Children who cannot develop language skills appropriate for their age experience social incompatibility, reading difficulties and may face various problems at school. For these reasons, different activities and methods should be used to support the language development of children in the preschool period; children’s educational environments should be enriched with different materials and made stimulating for language development.

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