Montessori Education Levels

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Montessori education starts from birth and is divided into periods according to the age of the child. When this system was first implemented, it was designed as pre-school education, but later expanded to include high school education. Although there are schools like this all over the world, there are only Montessori kindergartens in Turkey. Montessori education levels are divided as follows;

0-6 years: It is the pre-school period. During this period, the child’s two basic needs are focused on. The first need is the bond with the parent. The other is the development of feelings of personality and independence. The 0-6 age period is also divided into two within itself.

0-3 years: 0-14 months is divided into infant, that is, infancy period, and 14-36 months as toddler, that is, after walking period. Montessori education is practiced at home at this stage. Montessori education, applied at home, is maintained by the preparation of the appropriate environment, enabling the child to start kindergarten prepared and comfortably. Prepared environment; movement, eating, sleeping, physical care and outdoor areas. Children are encouraged to engage in spontaneous activity. They carry out their own self-care, continue their activities, continue their explorations.

3-6 years: It is the period when the child starts kindergarten. In this period, Montessori education continues with the social environment. Grouping of children with various ages takes place in this period. Children of different ages live together in Montessori classrooms. Young children learn how to do activities after adults, while older children learn to respect and love younger children. Children choose their own activities from open shelves and perform their activities in different areas.

6-12 years: It is the primary school period.

12-18 years: Covers middle school and high school period.

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