Montessori Cosmic Education

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“Nature is the teacher of life. One should follow the path it goes.” Maria Montessori


According to the Montessori philosophy, humans are responsible for the living or non-living beings and the environment. This sense of responsibility should be gained by the children, especially at an early age, and the children should grow with this awareness.

In Montessori’s work, therefore, scientific facts alone are not taught; they are always taught in connection with concepts such as nature, time, human, living beings, space and culture.

The Montessori cosmic education studies address all issues related to nature. Furthermore, as it was mentioned before, all subjects are told not only to learn but also for children to be raised with this sense of resposibility. The main purpose of the cosmic education is the respect that should be shown to the system of nature and all the assets in this system and the order. With cosmic education, it is aimed to make the children love nature, by teaching the importance of it. Thus it helps the children to feel like they are belong to somewhere in the universe.

Montessori cosmic education studies deal with the universe, galaxies, planets, our World, living species and humans; and shows the connection in between them. In line with these studies, children develop a sense of love for all beings in nature and a feeling of respect for others’ feelings and thoughts.

According to Montessori, once the love of nature is nurtured in a child’s heart; the child understands the order, the beauty and the harmony of the nature and feels happy about it.

Activities in Montessori cosmic education studies are done under the titles of geography and biology. They consist of sub-events such as various puzzles of the world map sorting from small to large from our house to the universe, plant and animal cards, insect examination, animal feeding, and plant growing.

“We should not let the children forget, from a very young age, that the world we live in is not only ours, therefore we share the resources we use with other creatures. Humankind should not forget the responsibility of being the most intelligent of the planet they live on.’’ Maria Montessori

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Lale December 8, 2018 - 4:25 pm

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Fatma Öz December 15, 2018 - 3:45 am

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Montesori cocugumuza dogaya ve cevresindeki diger varliklara yaklasimi acisindan farkindalik katar
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Özgüvenli birey yetişmesini sağlar Çocugumuza psikomotor gelisim bilisel gelisim sosyal gelisime kattigi yararlari montesori yataklari ayni zamanda cocuga ozel oldugu icin cocugun kendini daha ozel mutlu ve guvenli huzurlu hissetmesini saglAr
Cocugumuzun mutlulugu icin elbette montesori yataklari kullanmak gerekir


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