Montessori Bed Benefits

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Montessori philosophy is known for the first time in Turkey with its beds. Montessori beds can be preferred for many reasons such as use for children and aesthetic appearance. We have listed the benefits of these beds;

Freedom of Movement and Independence
It provides freedom of movement for children. The child, who does not need a parent to get in and out of his bed, also takes the responsibility of making his own bed. Acts with awareness of responsibilities and choices. Being able to make his own decisions gives him more power and control over himself.

In periods when children’s movements are intensified, falling into the crib or baby bed at a time unnoticed by the parent is frequently encountered. Since Montessori beds are designed as a floor bed, the child does not fall.

Transition to the Big Bed
Since Montessori beds are generally single beds, there is no need to switch to a different bed when children grow up. The transition phase from baby bed or crib to big bed is passed.

More Sleep for Parents
Kids don’t have to wake up in the morning crying in their cribs and wait for their parents to pick them up. They can get up from their beds in their safe prepared rooms and reach their toys and books. In this case, extra sleep time can be created for parents.

Sleep Training
Montessori beds have a structure where the parents can easily be with the child during the sleep education process in children. Without giving the feeling of being away from the mother in the baby bed, it facilitates the sleep training of children and helps this process to pass more calmly.

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