Montessori Approach and Prepared Environment

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Montessori explains the relationship of the environment with freedom: “… If children were prepared an environment appropriate to their size for their energy and physical abilities, they would be free and a great step towards the solution of educational problems would be taken.”

The first steps are one of the most important turning points of child development. It is the process of transition from stable to dynamic structure. According to the Montessori philosophy, as the child moves, he tries to dominate and govern the body. Domination is mutual in this area, the body learns to master the mind, the mind learns to master the body. The goal of children is to be independent and self-sufficient by acting. According to the Montessori philosophy, the child’s movement is called “work”.

The information that children will acquire is provided by experience in the first place, ie by experiencing the place they are located. The brain develops in this way and learning takes place.

“First of all, the first task of the guide is to pay attention to the environment created for the children. The effect is indirect, but if it is not created in the best way, if it is not taken care of, no efficiency or no permanent results can be achieved on physical, mental, spiritual or any other issue. – Maria Montessori”

In Montessori method, everything is suitable for children’s size. Thus, the child can move freely in the space and use it without the need for an adult. Not being dependent on adults helps to make the child feel self-sufficient. The child is an individual.


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