Montessori Activity Types

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In Montessori education, activities for children proceed in a certain discipline and order. When children develop in an activity and also develop the activity as they wish, they go to a higher activity.

Basically Montessori s are examined in 5 main topics;

Practical life activities; It includes activities that we will help the child to continue his / her daily life independently without the parents.

  • Using a spoon
  • Hand washing
  • Tying Shoes
  • Using items with objects such as zipper, buttons, belts
  • Table setting
  • Tidying a room and similar activities are included in this topic.


Sensory activities;  The more sensory the human brain encounters in the early years of life, the more advanced the brain becomes. Our sense organs are tools that enable us to perceive the world. Sensory activities include activities that improve the child’s sense organs.

  • Matching color cards
  • Odor separation in odor bottles
  • Heat sorting tubes
  • Matching sound rollers
  • Separating taste bottles
  • Activities such as recognizing objects in different tissues are examined in this chapter.


Language development activities; Until the time of Maria Montessori, it was believed that reading had developed before writing, and Maria Montessori discovered that writing, contrary to this belief, had been developed earlier. He developed materials and activities for this exploration.

  • Word and letter cards
  • Memory game
  • Letter cubes
  • Matching games
  • Moving letters
  • Activities such as drawing and painting are in the language development activities.


Mathematical activities; Mathematical studies, by embodying abstract mathematical concepts, enable children to learn mathematics more easily and develop mathematical thinking.

  • Activities with bars
  • Stamps
  • Matching objects with numbers
  • Seguin trays
  • Shuttle Box
  • Activities such as beads, flakes, pompoms, etc. are listed in this category.


Cosmic training activities; Maria Montessori believes in the child’s self-actualization, every individual should be respectful for the world and produce benefits for the it. The world itself is more interesting than all materials. For this reason, there are touches of the world and geography within all activities.

  • Puzzle maps
  • Plant breeding
  • Feeding animala
  • Food Chain game
  • Plant cards
  • Activities like sorting from the house to the world are included in this category.


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