Mind Development in Babies Month by Month

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Mind Development in Babies Month by Month

Babies show an incredibly rapid development from the moment they are born. Babies who develop in a short time make some movements, exhibit behaviors and develop their senses over time. In this context, it is wondered what skills babies have in which months by doing a research on the development of the mind in babies from month to month. You can examine the following topics to learn about the perceptual development of babies.

1 Month Baby Intelligence Development

In 1-month-old babies, the eyes open slowly and eye tracking begins. In other words, the 1 month old baby’s intelligence development starts from the baby’s eyes. Eyes that open in the first two weeks begin to follow objects in a short time. In addition, a 1-month-old baby recognizes its mother by its smell.

2 Months Old Baby Intelligence Development

Intellectual development in 2-month-old babies is noticed by sounds. 2-month-old babies are affected by the sounds they hear in the womb and can hear the sounds clearly as a result of development. Babies can follow sounds and avert their gaze.

3-Month Baby Intelligence Development

When babies are 3 months old, their eyesight and hearing are highly developed. During this period, babies also start to use their fingers and want to grasp every object with their hands. The intelligence development of 3-month-old babies can be observed with the development of the sense of touch.

4-Month-Old Baby Intelligence Development

4-month-old babies begin to recognize their mothers by their voices. In the meantime, sounds are heard more clearly and sound memory is formed. 4-month-old babies begin to understand and perceive the things spoken around them. They can also see farther and distinguish people.

5 Month Old Baby Intelligence Development

Many 5-month-old babies have intelligent baby behaviors. 5-month-old babies, whose every perception has developed, are now self-aware. During this period when they are more active, they can explore their motor skills and generally improve their perceptions by touching themselves.

6 Months Old Baby Intelligence Development

The month is one of the most developing periods for babies. During this period, babies can get into a sitting position with the help of their mothers and begin to explore all objects by putting them in their mouths. In addition, 6-month-old smart baby behaviors are evident from the effort of babies to make sounds.

7 Months Old Baby Intelligence Development

The 7th month, which is the period when babies are most active, is a period when babies move for play and understand commands. 7-month-old babies, who can understand their parents saying yes and no, may also start making noises gradually.

8 Months Old Baby Intelligence Development 

8-month-old babies can now recognize all family members, communicate with their families by making different sounds, and begin to fulfill their own wishes. For example, he can lift the pillow to reach his toy or try to explain his problem by communicating with family members in different voices.

After this period, these perceptions stated in the 9th, 10th and 11th months settle into place and develop further. The 12-month-old baby’s intelligence development is evident by walking and speaking. Most babies can walk on their own and start saying simple words like “daddy” by the age of 12 to 13 months.

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