Methods of Making Non-Eating Children Love Food

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Methods of Making Non-Eating Children Love Food

One of the biggest nightmares of mothers today is children who do not eat. Children often want to leave the game and therefore refuse to eat. Sometimes the reason for not eating is not because of playing games, but when there is a lack of appetite. In this case, mothers try to feed their children by looking for new methods. You can make your child eat easily with the methods of making children who do not eat like food.

Let the child eat by himself

From the moment children switch to solid food, you should gradually allow them to eat the food themselves. This behavior is very important for your child to gain the habit of eating later in life. If you constantly feed the child’s food, even if the child grows up, he will expect it from you. He will not want to eat where you are not. It will also help your child gain self-confidence.

Prepare Your Meal Together

It is important that you spend time in the kitchen with your child. You can make a cake or a meal together. In this case, the child will be curious about the taste of the food, including his own help, and will eat it more hungrily. Helping your child in the kitchen also supports the child’s gross motor development. While you cook, your child can wash and chop the vegetables.

Again, responsibility can be given to the child while preparing the table. You can ask him to help you set the table. These situations will help the child gain positive attitudes towards eating.

Change Perceptions

Be careful not to put pressure on children while they are eating. Give him time to eat. Of course, do not keep this period too long, but do not be too insistent. Do not insist that the child finish the plate while eating. Don’t make sentences like you’re going to take 2 more spoons. In this case, the child will feel under pressure. The child may not want to eat anymore because he/she is really full. In this case, do not force the child to finish his meal.

Encourage Your Child

If the child does not like the food, do not try to force feed it. Instead, try to make that food something your child will love. For example, if the child does not like to eat eggs, cook the egg in different ways and present it to the child. You can use many different methods.

If you do not like eggs, do not show it in front of your child. Because even if the child likes the egg, he will be impressed by you because you don’t eat it. The child will approach the food that you do not prefer to eat with prejudice. You have to be very careful about this.

If the child does not like something once, do not give up immediately. Next time you should offer this food to the child in different ways. However, be careful not to be overbearing. Ask your child to taste what you’re making, even once.

Give the Child the Right to Choose

While preparing the meals, ask your child how much food he wants from the right food and give the child the right to choose. You can also get your child’s opinion before cooking. In this case, the child will eat freely because there is no pressure. Let your child help you with your kitchen shopping and decide together what to cook.

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