Let Your Children Learn With Fun With Montessori Toys

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Montessori toys are toys that are produced based on the awareness that your children are different from each other. Because Montessori is an educational science that is aware of the fact that every child has a different learning speed. Montessori toys, which are specially prepared for each age group, are produced in accordance with the needs with a wide range of products.

Montessori materials, which you can choose for your children with peace of mind, also support the development of your children. You can also prevent harm to your child’s health with specially colored wooden toys. With Montessori games, you can accompany your children in their happiness by ensuring that they have a pleasant time.

What Are Montessori Toys?

Montessori toys are divided according to age groups of children. Thus, you can benefit from toys to ensure your child’s age-appropriate development. Montessori materials, consisting of different geometric shapes for young children, help them develop their visual perception. These toys, which are produced for the healthy development of children, allow you to make choices according to their gender.

Montessori literacy materials help your children to do line work.
Montessori math materials help children learn numbers and acquire pre-math knowledge. Thus, you can prevent them from having difficulties when they start school. Montessori toys, which will attract the attention of your children with their different colors, may also please your children with their various difficulty levels. You can also support your child’s emotional development with Montessori sensory materials.

The Effect of Montessori Toys on Child Development

The Montessori education model begins with Maria Montessori, Italy’s first female doctor, dealing with children with mental retardation. Developing herself in the education of special children, Maria develops her own management. Thus, the Montessori education model emerges.

The children Maria teaches show a near normal success with healthy children in terms of intelligence level. Montessori education is specially prepared for the child and is an education model that gives a free space in the formation of the child’s personality. In addition, by supporting the child’s personal development process, it provides socialization as well as individuation of the child and it varies from person to person.

Montessori education provides an education for children between the ages of 0-3 to trust themselves and the world. In addition, an environment is created for them to develop their gross motor coordination, fine motor skills and language skills.

In addition, the child is given the opportunity to be independent while spending time during the day. Between the ages of 3-6, children are supported to control, manage and regulate their emotional states. It helps pre-school children not to have difficulties in school time by enabling them to make preliminary preparations.

Montessori Toys for Kids and Babies
Montessori toys for children and babies can be listed as follows;
Hanol towers
katamino game
ring game
Materials such as tying rope, untying knots
wooden puzzles
wooden blocks with numbers
kindergarten sets
primary school sets
mechanical assemblies
wooden xylophone
wooden matching toys
wooden coordination toys
wooden hanger beads
wooden shuttle box
wooden colored tablets
wooden decision boxes
wooden alphabet
Wooden bead collecting tray
Types of wooden maps
Math operation sets
Toys for daily living skills
wooden train
Montessori sand tray
balance board

Wooden Montessori Games and Toys

Montessori wooden toys contribute to the development of your children’s imagination. Wooden toys, which especially support babies to communicate with their environment, offer the opportunity to use with peace of mind as they are made of natural and healthy materials.

Types of wooden toys that you can choose for your children; Simple puzzles, matching toys, coordination toys allow your children to develop in many ways. In addition, the types of montessori wooden toys that you can buy for your children are the kind that girls and boys can play together.

These toys, which will help your children to play comfortably without gender discrimination, also help your children to develop their mental skills.

The toys, which are separated by age groups, are produced in a larger size and without small parts for babies. For older children, it is designed with slightly smaller parts to develop your children’s fine and gross motor skills.

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