Learning to Share

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Learning to Share
It usually takes 3 years for children to learn to share. Until this period, children are egocentric and think that everything belongs to them. It would be unfair to force them to share during this period. However, with correct examples, the foundations of sharing from this period can be laid. Let’s see what we can do from this period in 1-2 steps.

First of all, it is useful to know this: Sharing is not innate. It is an acquired behavior and takes time.
You can support our child to learn to share with simple experiments. For example, ask for her toy, thank her if she gives it, and show that you are happy; then give it back to him.
Do not force your child during this period to teach sharing. This only increases its resistance.
Your child may have a toy they really don’t want to share, respect their privacy. If other children are coming home, remove their favorite toy so they don’t have a crisis of not sharing.

Do not worry that your child does not know how to share, as they socialize and become aware of their environment, they will learn to share.
Show how you share things with your partner or others when your child is around. Let him witness this.
In daily conversations, talk about your satisfaction with having another person share something with you. When you share your unused clothes with someone else, talk about how happy that person is, and that someone else can benefit from these clothes instead of sitting in the closet without being worn, and that it suits them very well. If available, show happy photos of the people you gave your items to with these items and tell a story about it. Witnessing these beautiful memories will enable your child to understand that sharing is a beautiful thing and then internalize it when he/she feels ready.

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