Language Development Studies according to Montessori

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Maria Montessori sees language education and development of the mathematical mind as a focus in education.

Mastering the language depends on the child’s hearing and speaking potential. Maria Montessori thinks that learning the language in the subconscious is a result of the absorbing mind.

There are two focal points about the language :

– The center that hears the language

– The center that forms the language

These two points develop physically and mentally at different times. First, the center that hears the language develops, and after that the center that forms the language develops.

In contrast to the general belief of the period, Montessori discovered that reading is much easier to learn after learning to write, and she stated that it is a study that needs to be addressed later.

In this case, materials for language development are determined primarily for writing and then for reading.


– New words can be given to children with word cards and flashcards,
– Practices can be done to strengthen their fingers by using daily life and sensory materials,
– Activites can be formed to mobilize the wrist,
– The child’s ability to hold a pen can be enhanced by drawing, molds and colorful pencils can be used,
– While tactile letters are use to develop motor skills, it can be ensured that the letters are recorded in the mind by touch. Embossed letters are available for this activity.

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