Is Your Child Eating Enough?

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Is Your Child Eating Enough?
One of the most important conditions for children’s healthy nutrition is that your child is happy at the table. Having the whole family together at the table and paying attention to meal times are important for regular eating habits. The best thing parents can do is to be a role model throughout the meal and not interfere too much with the child. In the meantime, the benefits of eating can be mentioned. For example, eating protein, that is meat, drinking milk makes us grow. You can give us brief information such as carbohydrates give us energy, vitamins protect us against diseases. For example, when eating an orange, we can say, “Hmm, orange has vitamin C, it protects us from diseases.” It is also important to go grocery shopping with your child and let him see what we pay attention to when buying. You can teach your kids many things while shopping. You can briefly talk about the benefits of different fruits and vegetables as you pass by, and you can give information with small conversations while putting them in your bag for purchase. If you’re buying something in the box, you can show that you care about reading the label (you can, of course, also teach you to read labels in the future). Also, if you cook the food together later, it will be possible for us to raise your child in a much more comfortable way with the kitchen. Together you can show how you clean, store or cook food.

The importance of rainbow nutrition…
Plants get their color from the phytochemicals they contain. Phytochemicals are components in the nature of plants that give aroma, taste and color to plants. So much so that phytochemicals reduce the likelihood of chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. Rainbow nutrition in children aims to get vitamins and minerals by using these colors sufficiently. Diversity is as important in the food group as the colors. Eating only fruits or vegetables, even in different colors, is not a correct way of eating. Therefore, balanced and colorful meals from each food group will be both fun and nutritious for your children. Of course, one of the most important issues here is to buy fruits and vegetables in season. In addition, it is much more beneficial to eat the fruit directly, not by squeezing it (i.e., giving the child oranges instead of giving orange juice).

Vegetables and fruits are very important for children to have a strong immune system. Especially in the summer period, abundant fruit consumption not only meets the child’s fluid needs, but also ensures that the minerals lost by sweating are regained. Fruits are antioxidants that protect the vital functions of the body due to the vitamins A, C and E they contain. Fruits containing vitamin C should be consumed adequately as they facilitate iron absorption.

Don’t skip breakfast!
Make sure your child has a good breakfast. Opt for oats instead of cereal. You can give oats by putting apples and walnuts in warm milk. It will be very useful and delicious. Make sure he doesn’t eat too much bread. A maximum of 3 slices a day is ideal.

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